Roadside Assistance Tyler TX

Mr. T’s Roadside Assistance provides the people of Tyler, TX with vehicle towing and other roadside services 24 x 7.  They help with all types of services to help you get back on the road, ranging from changing flat tires, jump starts, unlocks, battery jumps, towing and more.

The different types of roadside assistance Tyler TX services at your disposal are:

  • Minor Mechanical Issues: Help with minor repair jobs not requiring replacement of spare parts or other supplies.  These services normally help get the vehicle back on track with just a few mechanical fixes.  However, in cases where it is not possible without spare replacement or high end tools, the required services are provided accordingly.
  • Major Mechanical Issues:  Some repair jobs require major mechanical aids and tools and it might not be possible to put the vehicle back on the road without major repair jobs.  In such cases, the vehicle should be towed to the nearest mechanic.
  • Battery Recharge or Replacement Service:  When the vehicle does not start normally, the service personnel might sense the need for a battery service.  There might be a need to make use of the battery service to recharge the battery or replace the battery as needed to help with getting the vehicle back on the road.
  • Tire Service: In situations involving flat tires, the deflated tire will be replaced.  If no spare is available required steps will be taken to put the vehicle back on track.
  • Running Out of Fuel:  In situations involving running out of gas, the needed replacement will be provided.
  • Locksmith Service: In situations involving being locked out or other lock problems, appropriate locksmith servicing will be provided.  Towing services will be provided in complicated cases where the job cannot be done on the road.
  • Extrication Winching Service: In situations involving motor vehicle accidents, we can pull your vehicle out of a ditch or just tow it to the repair shop of your choosing.
  • Towing:  To the nearest service station or needed destination
  • We offer a range of roadside assistance services not just limited to those mentioned above.  You might want to discuss with us about the different roadside assistance programs we offer for commercial transportation businesses.  We offer personal, commercial and emergency roadside help as needed.  Our technicians are pros in the roadside assistance field.  Call us anytime for the help you need 24 x 7.

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Jump Starts Tyler TX

Mr. T’s is here to liven up your engine and put your vehicle back on road.  There’s nothing worse than having a dead battery at an odd hour or at an odd place, and needing a jump start to get back on the road.

No Battery Spare, Don’t Worry

If you are lucky to have had a second battery to help you might not be as frustrated.  However, a battery spare is not a common thing.  Don’t worry, whether you are an individual asking for help, a commercial business, student, senior citizen or anyone else in need of help, we’ll be there to offer a jump start when you need it.

Battery Replacement Assistance

In a dead battery situation our technician will offer to connect a second battery to provide starting power for your dead battery.  When the second battery is connected the alternator will recharge the dead battery.  In events where the battery would not charge, our technician might suggest a battery replacement.

Honest and Reliable

The services offered by Mr. T’s Roadside Service Tyler TX are honest.  We don’t suggest a battery replacement unless your vehicle absolutely needs it.  We are professional, reliable, quick, and trustworthy.

Apart from jump start assistance, we offer a range of roadside assistance services like flat tire changes, auto locksmith service, towing help, fuel assistance, help with minor and major mechanical issues in the vehicle and more.  Any time you need help with jump starts or other kind of roadside assistance feel free to call us!



Emergency Roadside Assistance Tyler TX

Mr. T’s offers help with car and vehicle lockouts, jump starts, flat tire changes and more, to help you get back on the road.  We offer towing services to almost all the areas around Tyler as needed for the most competitive rates.  We are equipped with the latest equipment to provide the best roadside assistance needed.  Our services are quick, safe and reliable.

We are licensed and have all of the required state permits to offer services in Tyler.  All of our drivers are:

  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • Bonded

We recommend and do only the needed repairs.  We don’t force you into paying for services and repairs that you don’t need at all.  We can work on almost all parts of your vehicle.  Whether it is the interior or the engine, our technicians are pros in the roadside assistance field.

We service all makes and models of:

  • Motor bikes
  • Passenger cars
  • Trucks
  • SUVs
  • Vans

You can become a member of our services and get discounts for our services.  We offer several emergency packages suitable for:

  • Individuals
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Small businesses
  • Commercial transportation companies and more

When you call us for help be ready with the following details for us to be able to work on your vehicle. Provide us with:

  • Vehicle registration proof
  • Make and model details
  • Location of the vehicle like the street, highway etc.

Call us today for emergency roadside assistance Tyler TX!


Flat Tires Tyler TX

Mr. T’s comes to the rescue in situations involving a flat tire.  Unless you are experienced in changing tires yourself you may need professional help.  It is important you drive your car to a safe area with your emergency lights on before you do anything else.  This is important because you do not want to make things worse by being involved in an accident.

Don’t Have Spare Tire

Sometimes you might be well skilled in dealing with a flat tire, but you don’t have the spare tire needed.  We can offer assistance in such situations. A flat tire brings frustration because they lead to a lot of delays, and not having a spare makes things even worse.  When you call Mr. T’s you need to simply give us a call and we will be there in no time for your assistance.

Honest Charges for Flat Tire Services

We don’t charge you outrageously by taking advantage during your time of need.  We charge you honestly for the tire replacement.

Road Side Assistance

We offer flat tire services as well as a range of other roadside assistance services like towing, locksmith service in situations involving a lockout, fuel issues, battery replacement, and a lot more.

Feel free to call us for flat tire help or other roadside assistance services you need 24 x 7.


We are in full compliance with Texas Department of Transportation rules/regulations


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